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Impervious shoe cover for multifunctional use

  • One Size fits most
  • Strategic Elastic Design
  • Disposable

One size means every product is the same size, and one size fits all usually refers to a clothing item, which are all the same size pieces and designed to fit everyone especially with our proprietary strategic elastic design feature. Functionally, it’s "one size fits most" (Universal).


Proprietary design causes ImpervaShoe™ to fit wearers with coverage for maximum mobility and security. The unique design allows direct sole contact to the floor surface, continuing to give the wearer regular shoe traction.

Field of licensed product use such as healthcare, will substantially offset the facility's liability cost of inadequate protection apparel for employees, visitors, and patients through preventing and protecting against cross contamination with traction security.

The key production fact is an immense reduction in manufacturing cost due to the proprietary protected 1 size fits most (universal size) shoe cover, which reduces inventory excess while allowing maximum efficiency for both a secure fit and easy mobility.


ImpervaShoe™ multifunctional application is a proprietary product and its other commercial areas are not even included to validate its Licensing-Sales Valuation numbers.
Non-Exclusive or Exclusive licensing is available. At its licensing conclusion, a pre-existing licensing agreement will be complete, and when the agreement ends a new contract with new license terms can be sought. Otherwise, upon completion of an agreement, the license is complete and licensor is no longer permitted to manufacture or sell the previously-licensed products.


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