Core Beliefs

Our business structure has a goal to facilitate an empowerment of economic surplus in a non-discriminatory manner. We achieve immediate sustainability by integrating a circular economic flow. We begin the process with Licensing-sales of our Intellectual property in the global market. Any potential licensee can have exclusive rights to manufacture, sell, and/or distribute the product. We offer model licensing options.

We complete the circular economic flow with Social Responsibility via direct philanthropic giving in the licensee’s town. The restricted money is for its Public Elementary School to facilitate ethical business practices and economic responsibility. Consequently, we provide a minimum 10% contribution of the sales to the licensee’s town Public Elementary School to facilitate a non-discriminatory upward spiral of surplus starting in the town’s Public Education tax budget which typically accounts for at least 50% of the tax budget.

Licensee donates to a matching/greater (tax deductible) amount of total Licensor 1% charge to help daily lives for older adults and physically disabled; approximately 30% of its town population.

Patent Products

10+ years of R&D calculated that PPE configurations plateaued without our elastic design feature.
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